Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Some Painting on the Martian Front

 I managed to get a good bit a assembling and painting done on my new "All Quiet on the Martian Front" toys.  First off there are 6 Martian  Tripods in that have been either assembled and/or have an initial coat of paint.  These are plastic models which go together really well and offer a lot of pose combinations.  Please ignore the ACW stuff in the background as I'm also play testing a scenario for an upcoming Historicon game I'm hosting in July (F-101).

The basic color of the Martians is Vallejo Gunmetal Grey for the body and Oily Steel for the "spike feet".  It's a bit plain so I've started to experiment with some trim coloring - The Tripod with the "Black Dust Launcher" has a brass trim added to both the Tripod head and launcher.

 Another shot of the trim.  I like it but will try a few more colors before settling in on a scheme.  I found these Tripods to be very, very easy to paint and they look great on the table.

My US armored forces.  I've completed 11 Tanks out of about 30 I've got in my Kickstarter order so theres a bit more to do....

3 Mark III Steam tanks.  These guys can deal out a lot of damage.
 3 Mark II's - while not as effective as the Mark III's, there are a lot of these in a US force.
 A command tank and my favorite vehicle of the US arsenal - the "Clamp Tank" whose main mission on the battle field is to immobilize a Tripod!

 3 More Mark II's, but these are painted grey and will be part of a Louisiana Militia unit called "Les Bon Ton Meurtriers Martiennes".  I'm not happy with how these came out and will likely repaint them.  My free handed Mardi Gras designations are a bit wobbly.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how the models came out and am really looking forward to playing a few games.  Some of these units may even show up at Historicon as part of the forces being deployed in the big 20 player demo games that Ernie is planing to put on during the course of the con.

Lastly an action shot showing all the units on a table - I really like the look of this game.


Monty said...

Very nice project and some excellent figure.

Always fun to follow your progress there.


john de terre neuve said...

It is a very cool project, I like the brass trim on the metal it looks good.


DeanM said...

That's a lot of armor! Love the looks of the Mark II and III's. Best, Dean

Steven MacLauchlan said...

These look fantastic!

MarkG said...

Very nice. The tripods look excellent.

Stuart S said...

Looking great, still awaiting mine in the post. What are your plans for the Tripod bases?

Jason Meyers said...

Everything is looking great so far!

Graham C said...

Very nice, no clamp tank or command tank in my KS! Did you convert?

Monty Luhmann said...

Fantastic, I really like the brass trim and black you brought in for your Tripods. This is a lovely game, and table you have going!

jmilesr said...

Thanks for the comments

The command tank is just a standard plastic tank with a naval flag staff added. The clamp tank is made from pre-production parts - there are some benefits of being both a play tester and living less than 2 miles from Ernies' house