Monday, August 25, 2014

1/1200 Langton Merchant Ships

 The naval bug seems to have bitten hard lately - In addition to filling out the US fleet, I've made some progress on some generic merchant ships to use as game objectives.  The models are all from the Langton line and consist from top to bottom of a single small merchant, a large merchant and 2 medium merchants.  The only thing I'm missing is a few Indiamen but I don't have any of those in the 1/1200 naval stockpile.

These ships will be painted in drab browns to reflect their lowly merchant status and make sure they stand out on the table top.  I also don't have the usual brass ratlines so these models will likely look very plain.

Once these little tubs are done the 1/1200 Napoleonic lead pile will be down to a handful of British Frigates, the Agamemnon (a 64 gun third rate) and one lone GHQ model - the 38 gun Frigate USS Constellation.

In other naval gaming news, turn 4 of Clint's "Anything but a One" play by blog game has been posted and the Spanish and British fleets are just about to come into range of one another.  My command, the Spanish frigate "Mercedes" has just come onto the board and it will be several turns before I can bring her into action.  I really like the play be blog concept - thanks Clint


Chris Stoesen said...

The ships are looking good. I know you said you are doing without the ratlines but do you attempt any of the running rigging? The few that I had benefited from the support of the rigging. But nothing survived the drop to the ground when the display case fell over.

Paul oftheManCave said...

Very nice Miles!

Mark G said...

Very nice looking models. I never realised they came with brass sails.

Michael Peterson said...

I continue to be impressed by your patience and dexterity in assembling and painting these little models.

Curt C said...

Lovely work Miles - those Langton kits are little marvels.

In regards to Clint's game, you should save yourself spars, crew and rigging and strike your colours. I'll treat you to Lovscouse and Spotted Dog aboard the HMS 'Challenge'. ;p)

DeanM said...

Nice work on these - brass etched parts are always impressive.

jmilesr said...

I think you should reconsider your most gracious offer as your galley crew will be maniacally manning the pumps due to the pounding the Challenge will be forced to endure from my 38 angry Castilian Guns.