Tuesday, September 23, 2014

15mm 155mm Guns Just about done

 On Sunday, I managed to finish up most of the painting for a 155mm US artillery battery for Flames of War.  I'm rushing to get a US force pulled together for a tournament in a few weeks and this unit should be it.  All that's left is a little shading, some ground scenicing and I've got some big guns ready to take out some big German cats!

On Monday and Tuesday I was in Pittsburgh for a Board meeting at Carnegie Mellon and encountered "Black and Gold" pierogies for sale at one of the campus dining facilities.  Only in Steeler-Crazy Pittsburgh could one come across such a culinary "delight".


paulalba said...

Very nice heavy support!

Phil said...

Very nice job!!

Curt C said...

Ah, but you could get those up here in Winnipeg or Regina no problemo. We have a very substantial Ukrainian, Mennonite population and 'who makes the best perogies' is often a fierce topic of debate.

Very nice work on the artillery, Miles!