Tuesday, September 30, 2014

15mm Flames of War Tournament Prep

In a bit of a switch from Napoleonic naval mini's, there are a good number of 15mm WW2 figures on the workbench now.  These mini's are needed to flesh out the list I'm planning to run at an upcoming FOW tournament.  When is the tournament you ask?  Oh it's this Saturday so I'm under a bit of a time crunch!

The units that need to be painted include a M-18 tank destroyer platoon (4 M-18's, 2  M-20's and a jeep), an air observer and some misc command/staff teams.  In terms of painting "crunches" it's not the worst and I should have the details painted out tonight.

I do find that these self-inflicted painting crises really do increase my productivity and can re-engerize my approach to the hobby.  It's also good to have a break from 1/1200 sailing ships which are very rewarding to build but very taxing at the same time.


Paul Waechter said...

Nothing like a last minute flurry/panic to raise productivity! Good luck with the painting, and with the tournament :-)

Paul oftheManCave said...

I agree, its amazing what you can do under a timeline...and what you'll decide is acceptable for the table rather than gaffing about with 3 or 4 different dry brushing layers!