Monday, August 24, 2015

Difficult Duty

 Yesterday was a tough day here in St Michaels.  My lovely wife ( pictured to the back right) hosted her Women's Dental Students Association summer event at our place and I was "required" to play the dutiful host.  Yes, It was a very difficuly duty that required me to muster up enough food to feed this ravenous horde.  Don't believe what people say about young ladies eating like birds - it's just not true.  Many fish, chickens and crabs were required to sustain these "dental scholarinas".  OK, maybe it really wasn't all that tough....

 I did manage to get a little work in on some mini's before the "Assault of the She-Wolves" and assembled the first box of Perry AWI plastic Continental Infantry and a general from the Fife and Drum line.  I really like assembling plastics.  Each Perry figure comes with 4 parts - a body, 2 arms and a hat choice (from 3 options).  Not hard to assemble at all and you get a chance to inspect the figure closely to plan the painting.  Next step will be to prime there lads.

Overall, I really like this box set.  In additon to the regulars which I built this time there's an option to build out milita with different arms / rifle combinations.  All-in-all a really nice set.


TamsinP said...

Oh, the suffering you must go through for these events. At least (it would appear) there were no catering problems this time :)

Peter Douglas said...

Ok you tear yourself away from the bevy of young ladies in bikinis to paint minis. if I would you I would be more worried about the overdraft on my karma account than the appetites of the she-wolves (sounds like a B-movie title).
No cock ups on the catering front this year?
Cheers, PD

DeanM said...

Miles, you are the host with the most. What lovely weather for a pool party. Nice start on the Perry AWI figs too.

jmilesr said...

No catering issues - I spent most the day grilling. The only thing we ordered out was a bushel of steamed crabs.

No drama with this one

Jason Meyers said...

Nice! :) Looking forward seeing more of these Perry AWI minis.