Monday, August 10, 2015

Sean's Summer Job

My son has a great internship at Farr Yacht Design this summer doing programming for them.  It's kind of a dream job for a tech and sailing crazy college student but there is one hitch - it's unpaid.  In order to make a little cash over the summer, Sean has been building quad rotors for people.  He'll clear about $300.00 for each one he builds which I'm sure will go exclusively for books and other educational supplies while at college.

The video above is a one of the first test flights of the basic design.  The landing is a bit abrupt but safe as Sean forgot to recharge the battery from earlier tests.  Some of the earlier flights didn't go so well as he was tuning the program he wrote for flight control.

Here's a picture of the first quad that will be delivered today.  The rotors have been removed for transport.

 To Sean, this is a simple design and he's added mounting rails under the center so people can add go-pro cameras and such.

Sean's thinking about continuing his custom work while in school (I'm not so keen on that) but may do it as a fund raiser for the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Club (he's the treasurer).  

At least he wasn't being lazy this summer.


Steven MacLauchlan said...


jmilesr said...

First delivery made today - very happy customer!

Stu Rat said...

It sounds like your son has a job, not an internship. If anything he does benefits the company, it's a job. Jobs are paid. See #4 in the link below.

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Sounds as he likes what he's doing. In case that his college supplies benefit from it that sounds like a good thing as long as it doesn't consume too much study time.

Anyway good luck for all his quads!