Monday, June 20, 2016

Its the First Day of Summer! How do I know?

 There are several ways to tell - First a Terrapin in the Pool!
 and sent upon his way!
 Second - flowers!
 lots and lots
 of flowers!

 Even more flowers...
 Third - peaches, plums, apples and figs!
 Oops more flowers
Fourth, "Free" produce!
 and Fifth - strange noises in the Wysteria
which upon further inspection
appear to be Cardinal eggs.

I love living on the Chesapeake Bay all year long but summer is really special.


john de terre neuve said...

What wonderful photos.


Peter Douglas said...

Very jealous of your connections to wildlife. Are you sure that the terrapin wasn't trying to help with terrain? Di you offer him pizza?

We also have "free" produce in production. Can't beat it for taste or quality.

Cheers, PD

legatus hedlius said...

Poured with rain and cold in England. Had to have the heating on this morning. A bit better now but not what I would call warm. My daughter is very jealous of your terrapin visitor!

Curt C said...

Lovely pictures Miles. Glad you're enjoying the season!