Monday, June 6, 2016

Sectional Terrain: The Shoreline Takes Shape

 The framing and contouring for the shoreline sections was completed this Sunday.  The game table setup needs 6 feet of shoreline which will be made up of one 4 foot section and a smaller 2 foot one.
 The initial foundation is made of pink extrude polystyrene foam (insulation foam).  The smaller section will have a sloping beach and be where the shipyard is located.

You can see my primary foam hot wire cutters in the picture - the trusty Proxxon table based cutter and my 20 year old Woodland Scenics hand held cutter.  Both are extremely helpful tools if you want to make terrain using extruded polystyrene.

 I added a bit of 1/2 inch scrap plywood to provide a little more support to reduce the chances of cracking while in transport.

 I decided to use a product called sculptamold for the beach surface - we'll see how this works out,
The longer section will be mostly rocky shoreline with a small beach area on the right.  The two sections are designed to line up on either side of one another to give a little variability in use.

After the scultamold dries (24 hours) I'll cover with the grout/glue mix and add sand for the beach sections.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Wow. Looks like a lot of work there. Interested to see the result.

Paul O'G said...

Looking good Miles - shaping up nicely!