Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Shipyard Details for Historicon

I managed to finish up some terrain detail pieces for the shipyard this weekend.  Destroying the shipyard will be one of the objectives of the attacking British force.

Starting from the top center:

- 2 plastic buildings from Renedra - these are nice kits - very easy to build and customize
- on the white card are some rope coils that are still drying (they've been soaked in diluted matt medium)
- A well from Architects of War
- Some scratch built mast piles and anchors.  OK the masts are just some dowels cut to length but there was some effort put into the anchors.
- A pile of barrels (Renedra) that will be a used as powder kegs
- Some cut wood
- A ship under construction.  The ship is scratch built from bass wood and mounting board and I think it came out nicely.

Next up tree plates!


Edwin King said...


I hope everything goes well at the weekend.

Peter Douglas said...

Well done Miles! I like the ship under construction.

TamsinP said...

The half-built ship should make a very nice feature for your game :)

Francis Lee said...

Coming along nicely sir!

jmilesr said...

thanks for the comments - the ship was a lot of fun to build

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Wonderful work and extremely interesting to follow!

Der Alte Fritz said...

I like the ship under construction model a lot. I recall an AWI game at Historicon at the old Penn Harris Hotel ( 1980s?) that featured a similar shipyard and it looked terrific.

jmilesr said...

The ship was a lot of fun to build. My inspiration for the shipyard idea come from a diorama on display at the US mariners Museum in Newport News, VA - it's where the turret and cannons from the USS monitor are on display.

Jim - are you making the trek to HCON this year. I can promise you a choice command in my games