Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sectional Terrain: Ground texture Applied

I managed to get 2 of the 3 panels ground "textured".  The third will wait for today as I ran out of gap filler (spackle) and need to grab some this morning from the hardware store.

The ground texture is 2/3 pre-mix flexible tile grout (sandstone colored) and 1/3 white glue.  This concoction has worked well in the past as it dries rock hard but retains some flexibility so it doesn't crack from usage and/or moving the boards.

I'm still tweaking the hill design.  The sides have been beveled down to a 30 degree angle which will support most figures.  There will be an exposed rock face on the other side but that's just cause I like making them.

I did experiment with cutting a groove in the hill but really don't like the look and will fill that in later today.

The new terrain making workbench is working out very well as I can work on multiple panels at the same time.


Paul O'G said...

Looking good Miles.
The use of tile grout is very clever

peter said...

For my bases I use woodfiller and sand, but I think that isn't good for big plates. It looks great so far Miles!