Saturday, May 7, 2016

Historicon 2016 PEL is Out!

The Preliminary Event List (or PEL) for Historicon 2016 is out and once again Mike and I will be running some games.

In fact we've got 6 events set for the con as we both enjoy putting on games more than playing in them.  Unlike the past 4 years which have featured American Civil War themed games were changing up a bit - still on the same continent, but a bit earlier with the War of 1812 and the American Revolutionary War being the topics.

First off we're scheduled to run 4 versions of our "big Battle game titled "Grapeshot on the Chesapeake, with a hint of Garlic?"  Here's the game description from the PEL:

It’s 1814 and an invading British / Canadian army is besieging an American shipyard near St Michaels, Maryland – can the US forces hold out long enough to complete the refit of the USS Wasp and get her to sea? Will the relief force of an unexpected ally arrive in time? This game will be an extremely hypothetical contest that features a French intervention into the War of 1812. The game will have over 1,500 28mm scale figures, a 3 foot long frigate model plus several gunboats and a few surprises. It will all be silly fun but may offend some historical purists. Children over 12 are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Prizes will be awarded to all players. 

We'll be using a modified version of Longstreet for the game as I've found that ruleset to be really fun for con games - easy to teach but with tactical nuances that keep a game interesting.

The game is set to run 5 times over the con and will likely have a few unscheduled plays if there is demand

Thursday (July 14)

Start Time        Game #      
10:00am           T-293        

4:00pm             T-314        

Friday (July 15)

10:00am           F-311        

Saturday (July 16)

9:00am             S-316

9:00pm             S-317    

We'll also be running a skirmish game set in the Revolutionary War using the same table called "A Madman's Steeple Chase, which is described in the PEL as:

In the dewy morning mists of the American colonies, the pickets begin to stir, unaware of what the day will bring... A 28mm American Revolution (or American War of Independence if you must) skirmish game using Perry Miniatures. This game will focus on fun. Children over 12 are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Game Masters are Mike Marchant and Miles Reidy 

Scheduled game times:

Friday (July 15)

7:00pm            F-294        

Saturday (July 16)

3:00pm             S-318        

Both games will be using the same terrain (we'll just move it around a bit).  The table will be pretty big at 18ft x 6 ft but I think we'll have enough miniatures to properly fill the space.  The kind folks at HMGS have graciously allowed me to use the same table for the entire con which really helps with the logistics.  We do have a bit of terrain to build to get ready but all the mini's are done.

I'm looking forward to the con and hope to see a lot of you there.


peter said...

I wil be looking forward to pictures of the convention! Sounds like some very interesting games!


Paul O'G said...

Much regret unable, but I'm going to be in NJ for a month in Sep/Oct so perhaps we can have a refight one weekend then!

jmilesr said...

we will most definitely run a version when your back in the states!