Sunday, May 15, 2016

Battle of the Buffet - After Action Report

 First a shot of the opposing army - as you can see I am greatly outnumbered plus this horde of future dental surgeons is commanded by a most fearsome leader - my lovely wife (extreme left of the first row).

I doubt I've ever seen a more fearsome order of battle.  Obviously, we were using the ruleset "Hordes of the Things" for this battle.

 As with any siege,the most important factor that determines success or failure is supply.  We laid in a significant food store including this table for the main supplies...
 A secondary table for the warmed food - what's in it?
 Quiche made by yours truly.  In this tray are my quiche Lorraines and some ham-n-cheese quiches.
 In the second warming tray are the vegetarian ones - some have broccoli other asparagus and one test one with artichokes.  The artichoke was a hit.  At the risk of sounding pompous, I am the King of Quiche.
 A secondary defensive food line was made in the kitchen with finger food
 And finally the redoubt of last hope - the desert table.  Hopefully three interlocked defensive lines would hold off the impending assault.
 An advance party of the enemy shows up under the guise of helping to set up.  These women warriors are most crafty indeed.

 Battle is joined and in the time it takes me to roll double sixes the walls are breached and the enemy floods into my kitchen to sack and plunder.

 Oh the carnage....

 Unlike many barbarian tribes these amazon warriors pride themselves on good table manners and
 a proper sense of decorum while plundering a city.
I think I can recall this conversation "oh Dr Reidy, you must be so proud of your husbands miniature collection"....

 My wife addressing her victorious troops

and they are held in rapt attention - perhaps I can make my escape whilst these blood thirsty warriors are enthralled by ministrations of their leader.

 Drat I've been spotted by Oxanna!  Hmm they seem to be giving my wife some form of tribute

 Noooo!!!!!! its gardening related which means more work for me!!!

Alas, we must bid a fond failure to the graduating class.  I shall miss the young lady on the left in the first row the most - she makes a wonderful peach pie.

Thus ends the game which was ignoble defeat for me.  You ever have one of those games you knew you were going to loose before the first die is cast?


Der Alte Fritz said...

This is a brilliant thread and your commentary brought a chuckle from me. LOL


Steve-the-Wargamer said... may have lost, but who cares?! :o)

Peter Douglas said...

But surely they have retreated from the field of battle and left you in possesion of the spoils of war aka leftovers.

Martin said...

I realize a new year goes through in your blog everytime you post one of these!