Monday, October 17, 2016

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge: Prep Work has begun

With the Fall comes the anticipation for the start of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.  Normal brushwork is put on hold and figure prep takes the main stage.   I've learned to use the Challenge as a way to get all the painting done that is needed for the games I put on at Historicon.  This year will be no different in purpose but there will be a noticeable increase in the percentage of non-historicals that will make up my painting tally.  I need a lot of dungeon baddies for the silly game I'll be putting on.

So mostly I'm focusing on cleaning up figures, glueing them to their bases and the brushing on primer.  All of the figures on the workbench are from Reaper or the Frostgrave line with any metal figures already covered in thinned Panzer Grey primer from Vallejo.  The instructions for the plastic Reaper figures indicate no priming is needed.  I'm still a but dubious about that, but it seemed to go well for the two gentlemen in the back by the large bottle of Liquitex Matt Medium.

A close up of one of the metal Reaper figures - they're really nice and very cost effective.  It also seems my little dungeon escapade will have a very Egyptian feel to it.

As for this years Challenge, I haven't figured out what my goal is and doubt I can muster the energy to beat last years tally of 3,306 points.  At 5 points per painted 28mm infantry figure, that works out to 661 figures painted in 3 months.  Of course, my point tally is buttressed by 300 or so points from the various bonus themes but I'll still go with the the self-aggrandizing implication.

I think this year I'll go for quality rather than quantity - we'll see how it goes.  If Curt will have me, I'll still do the riveting mathemagical updates.

I do hope Mr O'Grady is up for a nautical challenge of some kind - I shall leave the choice of subject to him.....

Back to figure prep.


Edwin King said...

"dungeon baddies for a silly game" Sounds interesting! I look forward to seeing those!

Strength to you brushes for the challenge!

Martin Cooke said...

Don't up your tally, I'm going to run out of space

Paul O'G said...

Figure prep has begun in my Man Cave also. You will also be pleased to know that it has been appropriately informed by a multi pages spreadsheet. I'm going to shoot for a pb of 850 with a hope of stretching that to 1k hopefully with a few challenge rounds thrown in.

How could I say no to a friendly side challenge?
I'll be in touch regarding the subject my friend :-)

Michael Mills said...

"brushing on primer"???
Madness sir! Have you not got spray cans up there in the frozen north???

Ray Rousell said...

How very organized of you Miles, well done!

Adam Carriere said...

See you in the snow lord's domain.

Curt C said...

Terrific stuff Miles! I quite like the look of this new project. I often brush with gesso black primer as well - especially in the colder months where spray primer is not especially appreciated in the house.