Tuesday, April 11, 2017

28mm Egyptian Terrain: Casting, casting, casting....

Casting to date (after two days).  I've managed to cast the Pyramid mold six times and the other molds one of two times.

It takes 24 hours for the dental stone to fully cure (the lighter shaded ones are fully cured).

The casts have been remarkable good with the exception of a few pieces from last night that have some air bubbles.  It's all due to user error as I was rushed.

Casting is very simple but best done in an assembly line frame of mind - its a lot easier to do a lot of these over a long sessions than one or two a night.

I do wish the molds were a little bigger as I've got to cast the pyramid one a total of 14 times (6 down, 8 to go!)


Pat G said...

These look great.

Phil said...


JamieM said...

These do look good - I salute your diligence in keeping going!

Paul Howes said...

Very nice work.
Your labours will be well rewarded when the assembly falls into place. I dip my castings for quick results however I like to use Plaster of Paris on larger moulds.They can be removed from the moulds within half an hour and placed aside to fully cure and dry out to a perfect white.Then dipped all at once on the same day they dry instantly. Have Fun BB