Saturday, April 15, 2017

28mm Egyptian Terrain: Initial Assembly

 After a week of on and off casting I had enough blocks to start building some ruins.  I need 4 different terrain pieces for the Historican games as each will have a hidden entrance to the catacombs.  First up is a small Pyramid.

 The 9 level Pyramid required me to cast the Pyramid mold 14 times.  The structure is then built layer by layer.  Pictures are levels 8,7 and 6 (level 9 is the point!).  The Hirst website has fantastic instructions on how to build structures.  It also suggests using Aileens Tacky glue to affix the blocks, which I did.
 It took about 45 minutes to assemble all the layers / segments.  It's really important to us a square to keep all the corners at right angles.  With the bottom level glued up I let the glue cure for about 3 hours.  Its still tacky be then but holds together enough to allow one to build the levels up
 Once the bottom level glued up I added each successive level.  The model is getting heavy do I decided to build it in three parts.  As you can see from the photo I used extra blocks to support each level to keep everything square.  given the shape of the blocks the bulk of the weight overhangs the bottom level and the block will tilt inward with support until the glue fully cures.  Make sure you supports don't touch the bottom level or you may glue them to the model.

 Level 1 - 3 are done and glued up.  I realized that I could also use excess blocks as spacers to ensure everything stays nice and square.

 I let the pyramid dry over night and then flipped over the base and added some supports in each level corner and added a small "hallway to the entrance.
 Another shot of the front and then a side shot.  I like how this piece came out and am debating if I should add some details to the interior.  The answer is "yes" of course.  I also made some casts from other models to build a small temple complex and the beginnings of a tower.
All in all I've made 27 casts and have enough for three solid terrain feature objectives for the games.  I'll probably need to make a few more casts for the fourth one.

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