Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sailing on Fathers Day Weekend

 My son came in to visit on Father's Day and we spent most of the Saturday before sailing on the Bay.  It was a spectacular day and maybe the best Father's Day present ever!
 The waters were very crowded with detestable power boats - including this little one from New Zealand - we actually got to watch the helicopter land on the damn thing.
 The Selina was also out on the Bay.  Selina is a classic "cat-boat design - single sail / mast up on the bow and is a tourist charter.  I've had some very nice dinner cruises on her before getting my own boat.

 Hard to see but this a classic power boat design
 An oyster boat.
It was great to have Sean visit for the weekend.  As you can see, he's choosing to express himself by letting his hair grow out.  A little youthful rebellion is a good thing.  At least that what I tell his mother!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Beautiful day for sailing by the look of it!

PS. Son reminds me of the lead singer of the MC5.. Rob Tyner.. :o))

Steven Williams said...

Looks brilliant- long hair is something every young man should try at least once in their lives (speaking as an ex-metal head).

DeanM said...

A great day together! What a blessing. BTW, as Steve mentioned he does look like Tyner of MC5!