Monday, June 12, 2017

Terrain Tutorial: Sectional Mountains Part VI

 The basic painting of the mountain sections is now completed.  The first coat of dark red brown (mix of Dark Burnt Umber and red) was followed up with a heavy dry brush Raw Sienna (a leather tannish color) and then a light dry brush of yellow oxide.

 The sand areas were painted with a latex house paint that I had mixed up to match the "Iraqi Sand" paint from Vallejo.

 I then painted the end caps straight burnt umber. The end caps will likely need a second coat in the next few days.
Overall, I'm really please with the progress to date.  The next step will be to coat the rocks with diluted matte medium to make then less shiny and add some "hardness to the surface".  After that step I'll add some desert style flocking and details.  I'll move the sections down to my workbench to do the detail work.

Getting close to done!
A shot before the Iraqi sand paint was applied.

Paints Used to Date

Base Red/Brown Color
- Liquitex Basics Burnt Umber (3 parts)
- Liquitex Basics Primary Red (1 part)

Heavy Drybrush
- Liquitex Basics Raw Sienna

Light Drybrush
- Liquitex Basics Yellow Oxide

- Latex house paint mixed to match Vallejo's "Iraqi Sand" color


Paul Robinson said...

Looking good. you should be pleased with yourself.

DeanM said...

Some serious terrain, Miles!