Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Terrain Tutorial: Sectional Mountains Part V

 Last night I had intended to start dry brushing the mountains to lighten up the colors.  As I was working on one section I then noticed that there were lots of spot where the pink foam was showing through - little dots of pink on all the pieces.  These gaps in coverage were mostly in the cracks and I think the paint mix was two thick.

The dry brushing was set aside and another batch of red/brown was mixed up but with twice as much water.  This created more of a wash than a paint but it flowed much better into the cracks  and crevices created from the carving.  All six sections were given a coat of the wash and seemed to look a lot better.

In hindsight it would make more sense to do the wash first before the main coat but one lives and learns.

The sections will be given 24 hours to fully dry and then the next step will be some dry-brushing.

The last picture shows the some of the sections before the "wash" was applied - you can see lots of pink spots poking through which just didn't look right.  It's like the mountains had some form of pink measles and who wants to play games on an infected mountain?

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Michael Mills said...

Q. who wants to play games on an infected mountain?
A. Not I! :-)