Monday, May 29, 2017

Terrain Tutorial: Sectional Mountains, Part IV

 With the day offI was able to get A LOT of work done on the mountain sections.  All of the carving was finished, ground texture was added and, lastly, a base coat of red brown was applied.

 The ground texture is my standard goto - Sandstone colored flexible tile grout whit a little white glue added in for strength.  It's really easy to work with and dries for a flexible but really tough shell.
 Almost all of the sections have strange openings to allow little beasties to emerge or they can be covered up with ground foam.

 Some openings are bigger than others - hint for the Historical game - you really want to enter the catacombs from here.....

Then again, maybe you really don't?

 My super secret paint mix - about 1/4 red and 3/4'w brown then dilute with water.  Like the fancy palette?  I sued to used a real painted palette but found paper plates a lot easier to use.

 Painting has commenced.  It's a bit of a pain to get the red brown in all the crevices - there's still some pink showing through I'll need to clean up.
 Ans their all done!
 Some close ups

 The 45 degree bend came out really well.

These will dry a good bit lighter and then I'll add some dry brushing.


Paul Robinson said...

a lot of work but it looks well worth it.

Ivor Evans said...

Looking good Miles! I'm guessing another rental vehicle is in the future :)

DeanM said...

Miles - apologies for the long time away from your awesome blog. I see you haven't slowed down a bit; still churning out impressive terrain pieces!