Monday, May 15, 2017

Cheap Ancient Terrain Source

I had to run into a pet supply store to kit some cat food and wandered by the aquarium section and saw some interesting "Egyptian" ruins in a tank and got an idea.

After returning home, I fired up the PC and hopped on Amazon and presto-change-o found out there a wide variety of Egyptian (and Greek) ruins that can be had for very cheap.  Aquarium decor is a very useful source for gamers.

I ordered some and the first 3 items arrived yesterday (thank you, Amazon Prime).  I took a picture of them next to a hist arts column I made (which took a total of 6 castings).  The combined price of the three items is less than the Hirst Arts Mold!

They will need some re-painting but that shouldn't be too hard.


Gary said...

Thanks for the info. I would of never in a millions thought that Amazon prime would have anything like that.

Matt Crump said...

A good find I have a temple but would like some more if I can find it 😀

Phil said...

Very very nice!