Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Aftermath....

 The spring truncheon has come and gone and I've managed to survive yet another onslaught of hungry females.  My life can be so difficult.

 Here's a shot of the ringmaster of this circus of doom.
 and her rapt pupils as she discusses how to domesticate a husband.
 More picots of love ladies eating and

 I am amazed at the amount of food they put away.  Pure predators in every sense of the word.
Trapped in my office while they leave after getting their parting gifts.  Normally my desk is very messy but the "boss" made me clean it up.

The bill from the caterer can be seen in the lower center right of the picture.  Not only do I have to endure this event, I also get the privilege of paying for it.

There is no justice in the world.


TamsinP said...

Stop trying to kid us - we know you look forward to and enjoy this do every year :)

Peter Douglas said...

You doth protest too much Miles, Tamsin's nailed it!

jmilesr said...

Maybe a little it...

RedSaber said...

Ah, to suffer in such misery!