Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Terrain Tutorial: Sectional Mountains Part 3 - Carving Rock Faces & Post #750!

 Tonights project was to carve the "rock faces" on the pink foam.  I managed to get 2 of the six section done in about an hour.  I used a new technique from model rail roader David Frary which I'll explain below.
 The first step was to take my hand held hot wire cutter and roughly shape the mountain sections - adding slopes and other details.

 The carving technique is really simple and involves using an old steak knife and cutting horizontal and vertical cuts all along the foam.  the lines should be at right angles and you can criss cross.  Here's a link to a video that's narrated by David Frary
 Once you made the initial set of cuts, go over the entire piece with sand paper and lightly sand to smooth out and remove looses pieces.  If you don't like the look just repeats the criss cross cutting and saving to it looks like you want.

Please don't tell my wife that I "borrowed" one of the steak knives from the kitchen.

Heres a shot of the other side. I added a cave for a little extra interest.  I need to go back and make the cuts looks a bit more random but I'm liking the look and it was a really easy to do.

This process does make a mess so you probably shouldn't do it outside of a work area.

By the way - I just noticed this is my 750th post on the blog!


DAVE D said...

looking good

Domesticated Bill said...

Nice, I like the channelling of the latest Arthurian movie with the steak knife, not sure your wife would approve though

Michael Mills said...

Solid progress! Looking really good so far.