Tuesday, May 2, 2017

St Michaels Con III

 The semi-Annual St Michaels Con gaming weekend was held last weekend and was a lot of fun.  Here's a shot of the motley crew crew.  The weather was fantastic and I think a good time was had by all.

A lot of games were played over the three days but the standouts were the new RuneWars miniature game from FFG, Star Trek Ascendancy, Chaos in the Old World and a impromptu D&D session - hows that for Old School.
 First up was an Napoleonic naval game using my 1/1200 Langton miniatures.

 The game looks great but I kept getting the  rules wrong.  We broke after a few turns to go into town and get dinner.
 Dinner was fun and I was introduced to this very fine wine by John - it was fantastic and not pricey.  More than a few bottles were consumed.
 FFG's new miniature game, Runewars was played a lot over the three days.  I lied the game I played and the mechanics are a nice mix of (X-Wing - command dials and movement templates) and Warhammer - unit formations and theme.  This one is tempting...

With 7 total attendees, I wanted to get a game in that we could all play and suggested a D&D session.  Eric jumped at the chance to be the DM and created a very nice campaign for us - in just a few hours.

I haven't played D&D since the 70's, early 80's so had to get caught up on the 5th edition rules.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see everyone still plays.
 As you can see, we spare no expenses on scenery, with a sweet potato serving as a rock.  The session started friday around 9:00pm and we played through mid-day saturday (with a pause for a few hours sleep).

 The saturday morning session was interrupted by a mechanical failure in my pool filter was created a 15' high water spout.

 The final boss fight!
 Shots of star Trek Ascendancy and Chaos in the Old World.  I played 3 games of Star Trek and loved them.  I played just one game of Chaos and liked it also.
John likes Chaos.

 One game of Guild Ball was played between Eric and myself.  This game has fallen out of favor with some of the group (it is a bit of a mind stretcher) but I still like it.
 Saturday night featured a giant Armada bottle with 1,200 points per side.

 All of the models are Steve's - it's a pretty impressive collection

 The game ended in a draw but was a blast to play
 All packed up to go
 After everyone left on Sunday morning, I had a surprise visit from my contractor and his Newfoundland, all 200 pounds of him.  He was born with a birth defect on his front legs and requires braces to get about.  A very sweet dog who seems to think he one;y weighs 20 pounds not two hundred.
and lastly, a shot of the left behind tokens,  slowly my game inventory grows...


Michael Mills said...

Looks like a cracking weekend of gaming!

Curt C said...

That looked like a tremendous amount of fun. That Armada game seemed insane with all those ships! Love the Newfie - such a sweetheart.