Monday, May 22, 2017

I've Been Banned from TMP and I Feel Fine

I have managed to get myself banned from The Miniatures Page (TMP).  TMP used to be a great source of hobby information (and really still is) but the recent tone and dwindling user participation levels have made it less interesting of late.  It's always been a fractious place which was a guilty pleasure watching people fight furiously with words on the proper location for Historicon or the true shade of white for a lapel color on a 17th century dragoon.

What the cause for this development?  The owner / editor of the site recently put up a post asking for comments on the question "Are British gamers are arrogant?"

Think red cape / bull.

Anyway, he seems to be banning anyone who challenges the usefulness of such discussion - including advertisers!  I couldn't resist making a post pointing out that promulgating a post that creates divisiveness on a dying forum is the exact wrong thing to do and now I'm banned.

Hopefully, after a proper period of grieving, I'll be back on my feet - Oops grieving's over and I'm fine.

In some ways this is a shame and a lesson.  I know TMP can be a rather rude place filled with people practicing recreational outrage but it also was a wonderful source of obscure miniatures information.  Want to know how to paint a 13th century man at arms - it's somewhere in TMP.  Given the lower traffic trends and declining advertising mix, I think it will will continue to decline for a long time (kind of like Sears) and then one day **Poof** disappear.

TMP should also serve as a lesson in civility,  Internet miniature forums are wonderful places to meet new people and exchange ideas about our rather obscure hobby.  I've met some wonderful people across the globe and now count them as true friends.  How we choose to comport ourselves while on line is something we should always bear in mind.  I would be deeply disappointed in myself if I contributed to the creation of another TMP-Like environment because I choose rudeness over civility.

Goodbye TMP, hello Lead Adventurers forum.

A few comments below have asked for a link to the thread.  As stated in my comment below, I can't provide a direct link and should reflect the site owners wishes and not figure out a work around.  I can provide a link the the topic that has the thread which is: Wargaming in America.

Look for the label "Arrogant American Wargamers" - the tile is misleading as its really a slight to out British cousins.


john de terre neuve said...

please post a link to the message as a search does not bring it up?

jmilesr said...

I can't really post a link to the message thread as I'm banned and only get a blank page. I'm sure theres an easy way around that but I should respect the editors wishes as it is his site.

You can find a thread labeled Arrogant American Gamers in the "Wargaming in America" folder under general topics. The label is misleading as it's really a dig at our British cousins. My post is under the name "Bosco05" but I'm pretty sure it's deleted.

Happy reading

Col. Hertford said...

Your not alone loving the label rage voyeurisum on TMP. I new made a profile purely because I'd get caught up and banned.

I'm glad your taking getting hit with the ban hammer well!

I'd love to read the thread. Please add the link!

john de terre neuve said...

here you go:

TamsinP said...

I haven't been banned yet, but then again I haven't commented on those threads. I have, however, removed TMP from my bookmarks. "Dear Editor" really does appear to have lost the plot again.

jmilesr said...

I feel for the editor Bill. TMP appears to be an important part of his financial well being and he's just driving it off a cliff. I'm not mad at him but more concerned this doesn't end in a happy place for his well being. Still one can only help those who want to be helped.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Good grief... just read

...there's more deleted posts than published... chap's mad...

Anonymous said...

Loved the riff on the REM song in the title of this post.

I'm in the UK and in a similar position but I also had my adverting cancelled - details. Must be good if you can turn away advertisers.

Anyway, life's too short to worry so onwards and upwards.

Ray Rousell said...

How ridiculous? I'm not sure what the Editor is up to with the Anti British and then the anti American posts??? Looks like he's banned around 20 people. He's upsetting a lot of gamers??

Clarence Harrison said...

Welcome to the club...

There are so many less caustic places.

ljr70 said...

I was Larry R on that site. I too was kicked off permanently after 12 years. I was never in the daughouse once. My infraction? I stated that the LAF was a more civil site and it covered wargaming only and no drama or nastiness prevalent there now. I'm better for it as well. I'll no longer have to deal with insults to nationalities and religion. It's sad but live and learn. I did ask for a refund so we will see what happens.

Tom Murrath said...

All I can read there is "keep the discussion respectful" followed by delete, delete, delete, delete...

But it`s in a variety of hobbies these days a problem, a mixture of keyboard warriors and godlike moderators

legatus hedlius said...

I don't think I am actually barred yet. The editor deletes a post of mine and sent me an email but I'm not even going to read it. I will go on TMP via search engines when there is a particular point I want information on.

Neal Smith said...

When Bill started hiring the "assistant editors" from the Phillipines, I took a self imposed break from TMP because it was getting a little silly.

I only recently (last month?) came back to TMP and was shocked by the real lack of content on the site. Some days it's just one guy with all the threads!

I guess it's time to leave for good now.

Paul O'G said...

You are my second blog buddy to have been so banned because of that thread. I have just posted a civil response to stop the madness, and full expect to receive the same badge of honour. Maybe we should make it a button to insert on the blog if you are suitably qualified :-P

Frankly, TMP was an excellent place once. to so anymore an the online hobby has moved on. I would much rather spend time at friend's blogs and posting messages than hanging out there, and as you say places like LAF have a great vibe.

Gary said...

Sorry to hear that you have been banded from TMP. I shy away from posting comments because most of the time some idiot will pop up to ruin the post. I think everyone is aware the TMP has been off sorts later.

TMP was the go to place from information on the hobby. I will have to look into LAF. Your blog is among the best out here in the blogging world.

Best Regards

Michael Mills said...

I was banned years ago for calling the site out (privately to the owner via email) over both homophobia and racism in various posts which were allowed to run on without any form of response or censure. I wear my Badge of TMP Banning with pride mate and so should you :-)

Jacko said...


Must be something in the water over there and best to leave the toddler in his corner.

Look forward to your continued blogging and posts


Samuli S said...

I decided to stop visiting the site a year or so ago. The attitude of some people was pretty toxic and generally you could get questions answered much faster and better on other forums. Add to that the fact that the guy running the site seems to be unable to take any criticism and on occasion is out there berating some forum users that he seems to be feuding with. And the site layout is seriously starting to be decades behind the times. Luckily there are plenty of good alternatives, Lead Adventure definitely being one of the best.

jmilesr said...

I'm surprised and pleased with all the comments and take heart that TMP is really just becoming the outlier of the gaming community rather than the norm.

On to better things!

Abwehrschlacht said...

I was kicked a long time ago when I took offence at some of the knuckle-dragging members suggested 'nucing [sic] Moslem [sic] countries to glass'. It seems Bill is happy to support Neo-Nazis, but you'd better not take offence at his version of free speech. You'll not miss it, I don't. And check out the Wargames Website, a very civil place.

Michael said...

Thank you Abwehrschlacht.

The Wargames Website:

"The online wargames community

A friendly environment
Forum content you can subscribe to
Searchable company directory
Event Calendar - never miss a show
Club Finder
News from Wargaming Companies
Just gaming, NO politics
Run by gamers
Regular Competitions with Prizes
Troll, FlameWar and Asshat free.
Plus Much More!

What a wargames website should be."

wminsing said...

Another one booted from the last round of discussions, 15 year member but I can't say that at this point I mind that much. TMP's time has come and gone, mostly due to poor leadership. Many places with greater utility and less drama like TWW and LAF to hang out at.

DeanM said...

I stopped vising a few years ago - mostly for personal reason unrelated to the carnage going on - and apparently continuing. I miss many of the departed too - like Aecurtis. Them were the days!

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Well now I stepped in it too. I read the whole thread and was disgusted. I just don't buy the Editor's repeated contintion that he was just benignly looking for information. I couldn't help myself. I await to join the ranks of the banned.

jmilesr said...

It's really a shame - TMP used has a wealth of information from the accumulated posts but just seems to be in death spiral - Google Analytics shows traffic is 50% of what it was 12 months ago - that's a material decline and is really self inflicted. It almost seems Bill is creating these mini-storms to draw attention to the site.

I get the image of a guy wanting attention by crying out - "Hey watch me hit my thumb with a hammer!" and after doing so makes a decision that the attention is worth the cost of the pain. To quote the Orange-One: "SAD"

Syrinx0 said...

It is strange to allow a dust-up to roll out of control until people are banned or leave. Seems to happen every two years or so. I would think nuking the thread and moving on would have been a better option every time.

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Well I am banned. Funny, I read his "Rules" very carefully before I commented and I'm positive I did not violate a single one of his rules. The first comment was deleted. The next comment was deleted. Directly after posting the third comment, I raced to the Age of Sail board I most often frequent and posted a goodbye message for friends on the board. He deleted it before anyone could read it and locked my account.

Son now I need to ask a question here about TWW. I registered but never received the verification e-mail. I have made several attempts and the e-mail address is correct. What might I be missing?

phann son said...

I haven't been banned yet, but then again I haven't commented on those threads. I have, however, removed TMP from my bookmarks. "Dear Editor" really does appear to have lost the plot again.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I've stopped visiting TMP. Between the poor performance of the forum software and the editor's antics, it's just not a place I'm willing to spend my limited hobby time on.