Sunday, December 24, 2017

Thanks WWPD!

The crew over at WWPD have made the decision  to hang up their podcasting spurs and move on to other things.  While sad to see WWPD end, it's good to see them go out in a classy way and I look forward to gaming with the crew in the future.

Thanks for the memories guys!

Some of my favorite gaming events with this crew include

1) The X-Wing campaign (Heroes of the Arturi Cluster) at Fall-In

2) Hosting them at some gaming events at my house in St Michaels

3) The online FOW campaigns - which have been copied by both Warlord and Battlefront!

4) My first live podcast at one of the Valley Forge Historicons

5) Playing Sparatcus with Luke - it's like the game inhabits him....

6) Dirty John's German camo tutorial - I still use that method

7) The time when - oops I forgot about the non-disclosure agreement on that one

8) Judd and Dano's intro game of Bolt Action "snipers are sooo O.P."

There are many more.

and, yes, they are really as creepy as they seem in the picture.


Paul O'G said...

The hobby is a much better place for their efforts. The way the crew welcomed my son at Fall-In, the podcasts, the journal articles... I lament their decision but deeply appreciate all their efforts and the significant time they donated over years for others' enjoyment.

jmilesr said...

They are really are super nice guys and have contributed greatly to the hobby - the treat everyone like they did you son - even grumpy old guys like you and me.

I suspect this will be more of a break rather than a permanent departure - who knows when the "bug" will strike them again!