Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Little Wars TV - go check them out!

Little Wars TV is a new wargaming site and youtube channel that is putting out some really interesting and engaging content for Historical wargaming.  I've really been impressed with both the topics and the production quality as it looks like these guys are really putting in a lot of effort.

I really liked how they did a video battle report on a recent Antietam game.  In fact, I liked it so much I bought the rules they used (Alter of Freedom) and have even dusted off my old 6mm ACW collection!

Speaking of Alter of Freedom, two of the club's members have published sets of wargames rules and so have an additional perspective to share about the hobby which I find really interesting.  The other ruleset written by a club member is Disposable Heroes.  To their credit there are video reviews of both sets which I found to be very balanced - in no way are they puff-pieces.  The fact the authors are comfortable with public criticisms of their rule sets speaks a lot about the integrity of the site.

The groups tag line is "History.  Wargames.  Scotch" which I find really hits the mark plus they seem to be a genial group of guys.

If you're into to historical gaming I really encourage you to check them out - it's well worth your time.

Here are the links:

Main Site

YouTube Channel


Lee Hadley said...

Nice recommendation. I've subscribed and will be checking out some of their videos this evening.

Joe Procopio said...

I agree...I came across their YouTube channel just after Historicon and have watched a handful of their videos now. I, too, like the review of Disposable Hereoes 2 (which I had backed on Kickstarter but have yet to play). I'd love to know more about their custom game room club space.