Friday, September 14, 2018

3D Printed 15mm Fortified Farm - Done (well almost..._

 The farm is 95% done - I still need to paint the wagon and add some additional "farm-yard" details but the piece is pretty much ready for the table top.  I'm actually very pleased how it came out.

Once the buildings where painted they were given a black wash to bring out the details (no pictures of that step).  I was a little nervous doing this out of concern the wash would highlight all the print layers.  My concerns were somewhat valid but the whole look is fine.

I used a new (for me) wash formulation which was a 50/50 mix of water and matte medium, a few drops of flow aid and black and brown acrylic ink.  I'm finding ink based washes to be superior to paint based ones.   Like a lot of my recent scenery ideas, I got this one from the wonderful Black Magic Craft Youtube channel - if you like making scenery, go check it out.  Jeremy does fantasy and D&D stuff bit the techniques have a much wider set of applications.

After the wash dried, the next step was to add some flocking.  As silly as this sounds one of my most effective terrain "innovations" (that sounds a bit pompous) has been the use of sheet cake pans for scenicing.  Their really cheap, protect the table top and the sections (the triangles in each corner) are really useful for keeping different kinds of flock separate.

Once a project is done I pour the leftover flock into a bin and use it for basing .
 Different flock types were added by painting the base with diluted matte medium, sprinkling the flock on and then using an eye dropper to drop some more diluted matte medium on top.  Once the matte medium dries the flock is attached and will not come off.

 I would rotate the piece 90 degrees, work on a section and then rotate again.  After 3 full turns it was done.

 The "ivy is Woodland Scenics tree foliage cut into small pieces.  once trimmed the "ivy" is soaked in the diluted matte medium and paster to the wall section.  I think they look very nice.

 The wagon is from Old Glory's Blue Moon Napoleonic line.  I may have ordered a lot of wagons and other army camp figs from them the past few weeks....
 Crap! I still need to make the gate, so maybe 93% finished rather than 95%.

The obligatory scale shot.  The overall piece is 12 inches wide and 6 inches deep and will make a nice focal point on the table top.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Your farm complex turned out well!

Lee Hadley said...

Excellent. I'm seeing a lot more printed stuff on peoples blogs and I'm increasingly amazed at the quality possible on home equipment. I'd better start saving!

Peter Douglas said...

Looks great Miles.

DeanM said...

Looks great, Miles!

George Anderson said...

Very nice work.

Ray Rousell said...

Very posh Miles. Its a great looking building. I do like the simple touch of the ivy growing up the side of the building.

Phil said...

SUperb, great job!

caveadsum1471 said...

Great looking building! I really like the ivy and a good tip about the cake trays, I've been using paint roller trays and there obviously not flat but they do have the benefit that I already own them ! Trays would be better though.
Best Iain