Tuesday, October 9, 2018

It's got wheels!

And now the troop file case is a transport with it's new sporty mobile base.  Ok, "sporty" may not be the best description as it's rather squat and sturdy.

I'll add some molding around the the base to hold the cabinet in place.  Still waiting on the lift handles and door knobs.  I should have just stuck with what's on Amazon and just submitted to the rule of Jeff Bezos.

The rolling cart has some storage space for scenery.  I went with heavy duty caster wheels.  They aren't really that pretty but they do roll well and can navigate bumpy terrain - like convention locale parking lots.  Not sure if they'll hold up to the war zone that the Host has become but they should suffice.

I've decided to replace the doors on the cabinet with something better but that will be a project for another day.


Anton Ryzbak said...

I would trade a (literal) mountain of custom-made terrain for a cabinet like that.

Francis Lee said...

Very sporty, very solid work!

caveadsum1471 said...

Great looking cabinet,does it have breaks?
Best Iain

jmilesr said...

It does have break - to more specifically wheel locks on the front two wheels

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Great idea!