Saturday, August 3, 2019

Great Wargaming Survey of 2019!

If it's August, then it's time to fill out the Great Wargaming Survey from Jasper and crew over at Wargaming, Soldiers and Strategy magazine.

Here's a Link:

The WSS gang have been doing this survey since 2014 and it garners up to 8,000 responses a year from across the globe.  It's become a very important tool for learning how to expand the hobby and has pointed out some challenges we'll all nee to overcome it we want this hobby to continue in a meaningful way.

This year's survey has been streamlined a bit so will be even easier to fill out.  Please be candid.  When taking surveys like this I always have to guard against responding as the gamer that I am, rather than the gamer I aspire to be.

Sadly, you may have noticed me in a few segments analyzing the survey results to date.  As part of the LittleWarsTV crew (a very small part), I've been helping Jasper and team look at the data and try and figure out some trends.  The data has proven very interesting with both some positives and Negatives.

- We really are aging as a population
- Women make up only 1.5% of historical gamers

- Historical categories (namely WW2 shows up in the top three of all age groups proving young people still have an interest in history
- Once in gamers are remarkable loyal and excited about the hobby - that's a very relevant insight for marketing segmentation for industry participants

As a math geek, I'm always looking for ways to ply my arcane craft and finally have found something that's socially positive - analyzing the state of the wargaming hobby.  It's up to you to keep me occupied here so that my math skills remain employed for good and not evil.  It's very true that the devil makes work for idle hands and doubly so for mathematical calculations.  Proof?  During the early 1990's, while at Capital One and not involved in the hobby, I created the algorythm's used as the basis of assessing credit card late fees.  They're still mostly in use today.  You're welcome, by the way.

So if you don't want me looking for even more creative ways to financially fleece you, fill out the damn survey.  You've been warned.


Some of survey segments that I'm on:

LWTV Wargaming Spending (I look like a disheveled lunatic)

WSS Podcast (I do have a face for Podcasting but maybe not the voice for it)

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BigLee said...

I did the survey while on holiday. And I twisted the Young Padawan into taking it as well. She may not like to admit it amongst her peer group, but she's a gamer through and through.

You may have a face for Podcasting but I have enjoyed seeing you pop up in the LWTV videos. Fame (as opposed to infamy) at last.