Friday, August 9, 2019

Sailing and Dog Sitting

 A lot of time was spent on the water last weekend, sailing around on the Bucentaure.  The weather and wind were great and I was able to make sure everything on the boat is in good order.  We're hosting a lot of different groups at the house over the next few weekends and the boat will get a good bit of use.  The first picture shows the Inn at Perry Cabin's "Star Bright".  It's also an Alerion like mine but a bit bigger at 38 ft. We always have mock races when we're both out on the water and I usually loose - as you can see here.  Most of you are familiar with the Inn as it was the setting for the wedding scenes in the movie "The Wedding Crashers".  Despite being in a somewhat crass but very funny movie, the hotel is one of the best I've ever stayed at.
 Got the sails in a nice butterfly setting while running down wind.
 Boat traffic got a little heavy later Sunday afternoon and I decide to head in - it's no fun getting tossed about by big boats

 We also dog sat for some friends who were out of town so I got to pretend I had a dog for a few days.  Master Otis was a very well behaved visitor.

One of the Restaurants in town, Ava's features an outside patio that both allows dogs and has a dog menu.  Here you can see Otis enjoying his chicken and sweet potatoes entree.  My wife was away attending a board meeting so it was just Otis and me for the first part of his stay.

 He's a funny little dog who enjoys watching videos.
 We do have 2 cats and they and Otis all decided it was best to ignore one another - this is about as close as Izzy would get to him.  This level of mutual detente held up until Mary Beth returned.  Otis really likes Mary Beth and would chase any of the cats away from her - it was really funny until Otis discovered cats do, indeed, have claws.

Well some lessons can only be learned the hard way.

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