Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Even Later Garden Harvest

 This Fall has proven to be an unusually productive one for the garden.  Perhaps the most important milestone is my wife's announcement that we have enough tomatoes to last the winter.

Sunday's harvest was also heavy on the basil, so there will be some pesto making in my near future.

This summer the garden was so-so in terms of yield but it's doing well now through October.
I really should be painting figures for the club's upcoming game but it was just two nice a day - sunny and 65F (that's 18C for you in the rest of the World).

I ended up contemplating life on the Hammock Sunday afternoon.

It was a good day


Peter Douglas said...

Curse you Miles! We Pulled our garden two weeks ago and had to postpone our 30th anniversary trip to Banff due to a heavy snowfall. And here you are feet up with garden produce.

Miles said...

You're always welcome to return for a visit again. This weekend it will be 68-70F, sunny with 10 knot winds from the SE. I think that's essentially summer in Canada.