Saturday, May 23, 2020

Thanks Woodworkers Source!

Woodworkers Source is a small Arizona based retailer of hardwoods and other supplies for woodworking.  They are my "goto" source for any wood I buy.  Once you've played around with a little woodworking is that the big boxes (Home Depot / Lowes) are great for basic supplies but really bad and expensive for any wood other than construction grade pine.

I stumbled across this company via a woodworking you tube video and pretty much will not buy hardwood from anyone else - even though they have to ship to me all the way from Arizona! 

Like all businesses they are struggling with operating under social distancing rules.  There was a minor issue on my most recent order, which was resolved without a problem.  My interactions with the customer service rep were great.  What socked me was they sent me the above hardwood cuts offs and a hat for simply "not being a jerk".  These cutoffs are very high quality and will likely be used for this years Christmas present projects.  It was a very nice gesture and greatly appreciated.

It also caused me to ponder something.  I think it's kind of sad that being polite warranted an award - theres really no excuse for bad manners when trying to resolve an issue.  Just about every business I know is really struggling now and mistakes are inevitable, as customers we can only choose how to comport ourselves when those mistakes happen.  Take a deep breath, don't vent your frustrations in life on the poor customer service rep and maybe you'll get a cool hat too.  It's also just the right thing to do so don't be an ass. 

Thanks Woodworkers Source - you have a very loyal customer.

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Unlucky General said...

Couldn't agree more. I am dealing with Ebor Miniatures at the moment. For the first time I can recall, an order of figures has gone astray - it's been 6 weeks. Nick will be re-sending them which is great for me but bad for him. The logistics chain is not what it should be and we can only speculate where things are going to. I've promised him that if they do in fact turn up I will ensure I pay for both lots - extra figures never are without a home with me.