Monday, January 18, 2010

The French Are Ready For the Tabletop

I've finally finished my french force (with 5 days to spare!).  All the figures are painted, based and the units have flags.  The overall force consists of 5 line infantry battalions (36 figs each) and 1 Guard Battalion (43 figs), 3 Artillery batteries (2 Guard and one line) and three cavalry squadrons (1 28 fig Carabiniere, a 24 fig Cuirassier and a 20 fig light Cavalry unit.  Add in the 2 Generals on the command stand and it totals 308 figures - whew!

The vast majority of the figures are either Perry plastic or metal.  The Guard infantry and artillery unit are Foundry.  I'm not very happy with the sculpting of the Foundry Guard artillery crews but they'll do for now.  Here's a close up of the artillery units.

I have 8 other crew members to finish off for the guns at the rear of the picture and will get to those at another time.  All the figures are based using metal stands and magnetic sheet under each figure to allow for casualty removal.  One of the most tedious aspects of the whole project was sticking the both the magnetic and non-magnetic strips on the bases and figure stands.  I did a lot of that while watching the NFL via Direct TV's "Direct Ticket" package.

I'll likely get around to the other artillery crews in Febuary.

While the scenics on my basing is ultra simplistic (brown acrylic paint mixed with white glue and flock) it does the trick.  I'll go back and add some details when I have the time.  I do realize the pom colors on each infantry battalion are the same.   While not historically accurate, it does make it easier to distinguish units so that was a concession to gaming use - which why I built the army.  The flags are mostly free downloads from the Warflag Site.  Just remember to set your print settings to picture quality when printing out.  I reduced the print to 70% to fit the Perry flag poles and they came out pretty good.  My club has a big game coming up on 1/23 so I'll let you know how my 308 angry little frenchmen do.



JAM said...

Very nice job in a short period of time. It sounds like it will be a great game.


Beccas said...

A fine looking army. Well done.

Docsmith said...

Well done Miles - that's a terrific little army you've got there. That's one humungous cavalry brigade too, those boxes of Perry's heavies turned out very nicely - remember - Chasseurs to the front!


Scullmeister said...

Huge effort! Well done. Can't wait to hear how they go in battle.

Secundus said...

Wow...again. That Is quite a force to behold. You have the three arms now to wage war. The ground will shake with all that Heavy Cavalry!

jmilesr said...

Thanks for the kind comments - I'll let you know how they perform this Saturday.

I'll go down now and move the Chasseurs to the front!

Stryker said...

A fantastic looking force - and done so quickly!

Good luck in their first battle...


christot said...

Nice looking force. Hurrah for Perry plastics...(I'll do more myself, one day..I always like seeing a project finished!..Gives me hope!