Sunday, January 10, 2010


My little French force continues to grow.  The picture to the left shows the completed units (well mostly completed).  In the center of the picture are 3 infantry battalions, the first two were discussed in the previous Army Painter post.  Towards the rear is the battalion of grenadiers, which brings my little force to six battalions of infantry.  The only remaining work is to finish apply ground cover to the bases and touch up a few details.  You can also see the command base I've put together.  I'm not that happy with the painting of the officers so I might go back and redo them.  The third line infantry battalion, which has a mix of regular and great coat infantry, hasn't been "dipped" yet.  Here are some close-up pics:


I also received 2 cavalry units I had painted by a local painter.  His name is Mike Marchant and he can be reached via email at:  I discovered him via e-bay when I purchased 12 cuirassiers and thought I'd get him to finish up my remaining cavalry (12 other cuirassiers - Perry plastic, and 20 light cavalry - Perry metal.  I think the figures came out really well and I recommend his services.  Here are some pictures:

I'm just about done with this phase of the french.  I need to finish up a 2 guns and crews and one more command stand.  After that, it's to the tabletop on Jan 23rd for a club event and then perhaps some Prussians or Austrians.


Scullmeister said...

Wow! That's a lot of Froggies!

What rules are you basing for?

JAM said...

Very nice Miles, I like the individual basing.


jmilesr said...

We play with a house set of rules (Gentlemen of Rank), which uses no dice, but introduces random events with command cards that you draw on certain events. There are also cards your commander holds that can be played on either your troops or your opponents. It's a lot of fun and is more along the lines of a Black Powder (social) ruleset than a detailed "real" ruleset. It's a lot of fun and the games play relatively quickly.

One of the benefits of individual unit basing is we can use the figs for skirmish gaming when we get tired of big battles.

Peter said...

Just found your blog. I'm very impressed with your napoleonic army, very inspiring. I'm a follower now.


Secundus said...

Wow!!! what a site, very impressive. I love the two big units of heavy cavalry. The ground will certainly shake when they start off across the field. Your army has really come on and is looking great. I can't get over your cavalry...very nice stuff indeed.

jmilesr said...

I'm looking forward to getting them on the table in a few weeks - at least they'll look nice at the start of the engagement!

Docsmith said...

Nice little army Miles - the Perrys look great en masse and I love the Chasseurs. Your cuirassiers turned out nicely - isn't the French Heavy Cav box great? Useful casualty figures as well.


jmilesr said...

As you might surmise, I've become a big fan of the plastic Perry's - especially the French Heavy Cavalry set. I find the overall quality of the plastic sculpting and production to be better than any metals I've come across and one can not beat the relative price discount. I suspect there's a healthy profit margin for the Perry's too, but that's how we can get them to make more.

I am hoping they come out plastics for other nationalities.

Geminian said...

Very very nice. A most impressive array of "little fellas" which must have taken you ages to paint. I used to game in 15mm Napoleonics, all Minifigs, and had quite a large Russian army, and I think it was the painting of then that knacked up my eyes.