Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bugs, Romans, Robots - Lend Me Your Ear!

This little guy came calling yesterday.  "Little" may not be appropriate from an insect point of view as he was almost 6 inches long.  I've always liked Praying Mantiss's and thought I'd share the photo.  While I've never seen one thist big before, they are fairly common here in St Michaels.  Unfortunately, there tends to be lots of other bugs for them to dine on.

Not much to report in the Wargaming department.  I've played a few rounds of WWI Naval and have finally started my 28mm Imperial Roman Army (Warlord figures).  I've assembled twenty or so and am still doing research on Uniforms and periods.  I want to model a specific legion.  Any suggestions are welcome.  I've acquired enough plastic figures for a 3,000 - 3,500 point army using Warhammer Ancient Battles (gotta love the cost of plastics).  The only metal figures I've got are some calvary and the missile troops.  Now for my standard plug - I got all my troops from Architects of War, and I highly recommend them - the service was very fast and they have just about all the Warlord plastic and metal figures in stock, which is more than I can say for most other US based online retailers.  AofW also just became the exclusive US distributor for Gripping Beast and those Vikings look rather nice.  Lets return to my normal ramblings.

There will not be much in the way of battle reports for the next three months as the games table has been transformed into a build area for my son's robotics' team.  I've got high hopes for this year as we have most of last years team members and some new one's whose fathers are (1) a mechanical engineer and (2) and electrical engineer.  With me being an economist my skills are somewhat limited.  Here's a link to the FIRST competition if your interested in learning more.


Anonymous said...

Actually there is a good chance that was a BIG MAMMA PRAYING MANTIS, females are the larger member of the species and as everyone knows they eat their mate after mating.

Docsmith said...

Six inches! That's only a baby - they average six - eight inches here in Down Under. Seriously though, if your a rose grower, pick it up and put on the nearest patch of aphids on your rose bush - mantis' love munching on 'em! Quite useless for wargaming though if you're a fantasy gamer, they may clean up your opponent's zombies... just a thought.


jmilesr said...

Hmmmm, a unit of Mantises for Fantasy Warhammer, now that would be something...

As for aphid and other pest protection, we buy a few egg sacks of mantis and a few other predator insects (lady bugs) from our seed vendor to protect the garden.

I do like the idea of training them for the table top!