Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Warlord Romans Assembled

The first batch of my Warlord Imperial Romans have been assembled and will be primed later today.  These lads are the Roman "Veterans" and were very easy to assemble even without Warlord's rather annoying aversion to instructions.  There was some minor surgery to the figs to match up the figures with sword drawn to empty scabbards.  A little work with the x-acto blade and "ta-da" an empty scabbard.

I like the detail on the figures and think they should be a lot of fun to paint.  Due to my recent poll and conversations with some friends I'll be basing for WAB and will likely use the formation in the second picture to take advantage of the rank bonus.  Still trying to figure out if I should go with 20 or 24 figure cohorts.  I am looking forward to the release of the Ancients version of Black Powder and it may give WAB a run for the money.

I haven't picked the specific Legion I will be modeling but it will be one from Trajan's reign.  Any suggestions  are most welcome.

As for shield transfers, I think I will be going with those provided from Little Big Man studios.  The Warlord boxes come with transfers which are nice, but a bit generic.

My total force is planned to consist of

60 Legionnaires
40 Veteran Legionnaires
20 Praetorians
12 Aux Cav
24 Aux Infantry
16 Aux Archers
1 Ballista
2 Scorpians
2-3 Generals / Legates


JAM said...

Wow, under 200 figures for a whole project, other eras are tempting!

Sounds like it will be a lot of fun.


jmilesr said...

The funny thing is all my new army projects start out as smallish but magically transform into something else. My humble little french forces was supposed to be just a few battalions of infantry and a gun. Now it's 8 Battalions of Infantry, 3 Cavalry regiments, a bunch of guns and several unbuilt boxes to go - I think it's closing in on 500 fig's

I believe this phenomena is the very definition of "scope-creep"!


Monty said...

Miles, I have these figures and love them - I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with them.