Saturday, October 2, 2010

Play Testing AofW's American "Uncivil" War Rules

Last night I had the opportunity to help Ernie (Architects of War) play test his new set of ACW skirmish rules titles American "Uncivil War".  Our game featured a Union foraging party whose mission was to gather up some supplies and get of the board.  Opposing them were a rag-tag assortment of Confederate troops and civilians and a lot civilian characters.  One tip -when you play the game in the future don't trust those rebel women - they're dangerous!

The game was a lot of fun and we tweaked the rules a bit.

I didn't take any pictures, but during the game I got to see some of the new ACW miniatures Ernie's coming out with as well as some breath-taking new buildings - there are a lot of great new stuff coming out for AofW!

Ernie put up a post about the game on his blog, where you can see pictures of some of the miniatures and buildings he's producing.

I also got to see the 28mm "bombed" house model, which I'm definitely buying.  It looks fantastic for the world wars or even a Sci-Fi /post apocalypse setting.

As for my own modeling efforts, I've primed and started to paint some Romans.  I'll put up a post when they look half decent.  Right now I'm testing colors and level of detail.

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