Sunday, October 24, 2010

Second Roman Unit Completed

The second Roman infantry unit of my planned WAB army has been painted - it's a "regular" legionnaire unit with 24 figures.  I've used Little Big Man Studio transfers for the shields also.
Next is a close up - sorry the standard kind of gets in the way.  These miniatures were painted the same way as the previous unit - white undercoat, block painted medium flesh, red, chainmail and leather.  Once dry the unit was washed with GW Sepia toned washed.
Here's a top down picture.  I've got enough plastic figures to make up 5 Legionnaire formations of 20 - 24 figures each plus one auxiliary infantry unit of 24.  I've been very happy with the Warlord plastics with one very minor exception - the plastic standards are very delicate and I've broken both.  They will be replaced with standards that are scratch built with brass rod and bits once I learn a little more about how Roman standards are configured.

The next unit on the block is some auxiliary calvary - I've got 12 Warlord metal auxiliary cavalry figures assembled and primed.  Well almost 12 - it seems the command blister was missing the upper torso of the trumpeter, which I'm sure will be quickly set right by Warlord and their massive supply chain!


Scullmeister said...

Geez! You're flying through them. I wish I could paint that fast! Before you know it you'll have an entire Legion on the board.

Keep up the good work.

Guidowg said...

I think I blinked and now you have 2 units. Great to see your dedication to get the army up and running. Dont stop now!!

John de Terre Neuve said...

Great looking unit, I am pleased to see you have joined the dark side and am priming white.


Anonymous said...

Can you Please inform me where one can purchace a Roman legion kit for infantry and auxillary units. Barry