Wednesday, October 13, 2010

American Uncivil War Playtest II

Tonight I participated in another play test of the new ruleset from Architects of War "American Uncivil War".  It's a skirmish style game with a nice measure of John Ford movies and humor.  Yet again, I was playing a Yankee Raiding party and had to contend with an ever growing mob of confederate militia while searching for a hidden store of powder and a spy.  Lets just say neither objective was met so I lost, but I did manage to inflict a good deal of damage on the Rebs.  The first picture is one of my squads breaking into a house to search for contraband (and booze!)

There was a shoot-out at the church entrance where my boys were trying to enter to silence the church bells, which were tolling to alert the nearby confederates.  The confederate who fell at the door turned out to be the spy.  My boys occupied the church and pretty much forted up after that.

The first group of reinforcements were confederate Calvary who foolishly charged towards the church where my boys were waiting for them.

 Our first volley caused significant casualties and managed to disorganize the rebs.  Continued fire on the disorganized calvary caused it to break.  Note to self - mounted calvary in the open is a very enticing target.

My other squad was holed up the the white house in the lower left but were assaulted on three sides and pinned down - not a good outcome for a raiding party.  The calvary to the right managed to ride past these boys and catch my other troops as the exited the church.  Lets just say it was game over for me at that point.  Still it was a fun game and the rules are evolving very nicely.  I think Ernie's going to have a great game to bring to the market when it's ready.  There will also be a nice line of 28mm character figures to go along with the game that look superb.  Here's a link to some of them


Guidowg said...

Great looking game. I found skirmishing in any period always encourages painting as you dont need a great deal of figures. Great for multi-player games as well.
Hope you have better luck against the Rebs next time.

jmilesr said...

Well see how I do this saturday - I like skirmish gaming as a nice break every now and then from the set piece battles I tend to focus on.

Ernie's terrain is top notch stuff

Thanks for the comment


Docsmith said...

Skirmish games are getting more popular at the moment but this is the first ACW one I've seen - very nice too. Good lesson about cavalry of that era too - they make nice targets for a Springfield.

BTW - the scenery looks terrific - I've passed the details of your friend Ernie's site to a friend of mine who supplies us gamers here. Hopefully Architect's may consider exporting across the Pacific as well? Given the US and Aussie dollars are at parity now, I thought it a good time to ask!