Friday, September 3, 2010

Architects of War Machine Gun Nest

I just finished my 28mm Machine Gun Nest kit from Architects of War.  A played a game a few weeks ago and had to attack one of these guys - let's just say the dice gods were angry at me.  The Kit consists of 2 resin pieces - the base and the top.  It also comes with 2 machine gun options a german version and a water cooled one that can be used as either a Browning for WWII or a generic maxim gun for WWI.

The casting of the resin piece is very nicely done.   There was no flash or any clean-up needed.  I primed the whole think black and then dry brushed all of the main colors on.  A little bit of ground foam and other scenery bits and there-you-go.

Here is a photo of the nest from the rear - kind of reminds me of a hobbit home.  I was going to paint a camo pattern on the tarp that covers the door but got lazy.

The top of the machine gun nest is removable, which one uses during a game to so the nest after it's been taken out (which I was never able to do in the game).  There are some nice details in the rubble which add some real character to the completed project.  I had a fun time completing the kit and highly recommend it.


jmezz382 said...

I was interested in trying some 28 mm WWII gaming .... do you have a rule set to recommend ?

jmilesr said...

I really don't use a commercial ruleset - we've been play testing a home grown ruleset lately. I've heard good things about Rules of Engagement but haven't bitten the bullet and purchased a set.

I wish I could be more helpful on the topic.

Galpy said...

these look great very very nice i would put those on my table any day