Sunday, August 22, 2010

Forests for 6mm American Civil War

Now with the WWI Fleet project moved from "build" to "game" status, it's time to move on to hosting another American Civil War (ACW) game using my 6mm armies.  New to this game will be the heavy forrest sections that my friend, Ernie of Architects of War fame, made for me.  The really cool thing about these forests is that they have removable tops that allow for easy access to move units that are in the terrain, as you can see in the next photo:

It's a very elegant solution and allows for some interesting gaming opportunities - Battle of the Wilderness anyone?  Ernie made a very useful PDF on how to make the forests which can be downloaded from the "How-To" section of his companies website.  The pieces he made for me will work with anything from 6mm to 15mm so expect also see them on Flames of War Battle reports.  In fact, Ernie has some truly impressive forest sections of similar design for larger scales (28mm+) in his personal collection - the tree trunks are about a foot long (he uses branches) and the canopy is another foot to foot and a half - amazing stuff when on the table.

I'll be making some more sections for my table.

I use Black Powder for my ACW gaming and will designate the new forrest sections as "Heavy Woods".  Normal woods add a +1 to saving die rolls but the "heavy woods" will add a +2 and visibility is limited to a base width (60mm).  There  will also be some special movement rules that can result in units getting "lost" and disorganized when moving through the woods.  I'll spring those upon the players and let you know how that aspect works.


paulalba said...

What a brilliant looking terrain itea!!!!!!!!

Your buddy Ernie must is a very handy person to know. This would work great with the 10mm ACW battles our guys do at our club.
many thanks to you and Ernie.

Monty said...

Very, very impressive, yet again, Miles - your clever woods terrain is fantastic - a tutorial would be really useful from your mate Ernie. Your battlefield, too, is really coming to life - great stuff all round.


Monty said...

...just seen Ernie's web site - who says skimming an initile article means you miss vital info? Lol! Didn't read all your post first time round, Miles- too in awe of the aforementioned woods...

Nice one,