Monday, August 9, 2010

New Forrest Terrain - with a removable top!

I just received some new forrest terrain made by my friend, Ernie of Architects of War.  The pieces are really cool as they have removable canopies that allow for easier troop movement in the forests.  The terrain pieces are scaled for use with my 6mm ACW figures but also look like they can be used with up to 15mm figures also.

Ernie's forrest sections are really clever and he's posted a "how-to" PDF on their construction within the hobby section of his website:

As for progress on my projects, most of the past few weeks have been taken up with my son's sailing regatta's.  He took one first place and a second so it's been a very good week.  We've had heavy wind and that's a big factor for him.  On the hobby front, I've finished another 8 or so 1/2400 WW1 ships.  I'll post some pictures of the ships and the forrest terrain when I get a chance.

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