Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WWI Fleet Update

As mentioned in the previous post, I have made some good progress on my WWI naval project.  At left, is the current German High Seas Fleet, which consists of 5 Battleships, a Battlecruiser and 2 Light Cruisers. My initial try at basing is very basic for now - just black styrene plastic with a very basic sea background.  I will eventually magnetize the underside to help with storage.  The labels where made in Excel, which was extremely useful in sizing to match the bases.

The pride of the German Fleet is the Baden, with her 15 inch guns.  The remaining unfinished Germans ships include a Battlecruiser and some Destroyer Flotillas.

The Royal Navy consists of 5 Battleships, a Battlecruiser, and old Dreadnaught and an experimental aircraft carrier.  There's also a US Battleship thrown in for fun.

Here's a close up of the USS Pennsylvannia, sister ship to the Arizona.  It was a very powerful ship during WWi, mounting 12, 14 inch guns.  I have another unbuilt model so I can add in the Arizona.

Lastly, the pride of my Royal Navy Fleet, HMS Royal Oak.  Like the Baden, it also mounts 15 inch guns.  I also have a handful of Royal Navy ships to complete including some Cruisers and Destroyer Flotilla's.  I'm hoping to get a test game in with my son tonight to try out the models on the table top.


indierockclimber said...

Those are some gorgeous ships!

paintpig said...

Fantastic Miles

Well I'll be frig'n in the rig'n, that there be one of the finest fleets wot set sail on the high formica.

Have you been making the appropriate explosion noises while you been pushing them around, while no ones listening?


jmilesr said...

Gee PP, I make those sounds while I paint the ships, let alone play with them.

It's a requirement that when playing me in a WWII game, that opposing players wear a rain slicker given one of the unfortunate side-effects of me making machine gun noises during shooting rounds


GeekEGuy said...

Good..I'm glad I'm not the only one making boom-boom and rattaaa-tat-tat sounds while playing my games. :)

Your ships look great sir!

paintpig said...


the best thing is guys, your wife just cant do anything about it. If she gives you the stare you just keep on brrrrm-ing or kaboom-ing and she will walk away with out saying a word. Between you and me I think their a bit jealous that we don't care about being great big kids when we are playing with our toys. ROFL.

Oh ohhh she coming got to go!


Anonymous said...

Boy, I'm so impressed with your work, I would love to see a closeup top down pic of all your ships. Hope you can do that one day. Very, very nice work.