Saturday, August 21, 2010

WWI Fleets Completed

I finally finished my WWI fleets.  All the models are 1/2400 scale from GHQ and they are really top notch.  They're also a bit on the pricey side but this is a case where you get what you pay for.  The British fleet consists of 8 Battleships, 3 Battlecruisers, a Old Dreadnaught, 4 Destroyer flotillas, an early Aircraft Carrier, and an American Battleship.  It totals 18 ship bases.

The German fleet is a bit smaller, but still powerful as it boasts 6 Battleships, 2 Battlecruisers, 2 Light Cruisers, and 3 Destroyer flotillas for a total of 13 ship bases.  While the brits out number the germans, but the german ships tend to be a bit better so the advantage isn't that huge.  Out first test games, using the "Naval Thunder" ruleset and three ships per side were a blast.

Here's a closer view of the German Fleet.  I think the models came out nicely and building / painting them was a very nice break from 28mm figures.  I'm still experimenting with the sea color for the bases.  I'm leaning towards the lighter blue version which can be seen on the lower left Destroyer flotilla base or the middle front Battleship.

Both WWI naval rulesets that I use require splash markers to show which ships has been shot at - the rule concept is that ships become harder to target when multiple ships fire against it due to the shell splashes obscuring the target.  The markers are made from old washers, drywall anchors and Woodland scenics water effects.  My friend Ernie made me some other markers out of foam that are a lot nicer so I'll be copying those in the near future.

While there are a handful of ships remaining to be built, I think this will be all in the WWI naval category for now.  I have a very busy few weeks coming up - a business trip to Buenos Aires (always a nice city to travel too), hosting a 6mm ACW game for my club), and starting yet another army and period (28mm Imperial Romans).


Boggler said...

Both fleets look great.

Nice work!

Whish rules are you using?

jmilesr said...

I use two sets - Naval Thunder and a home grown set from the NOVAG game club.

El Grego said...

Impressive! I like the splash marks also.

Joseph said...

Wow! Very nice indeed. But that's the problem with posts like this-- I get inspired to get into some new genre and SWMBO starts to growl.

Anonymous said...

Do you have list of paints you used for the germans?possibly a tutorial? that would be great!!