Friday, July 30, 2010

4 More Completed Ships

The four ships that where primed last night have been all painted up and I think they came out pretty well.  The four ships on the left consist of the German Battle Crusier Derflinger, the German Battleships Konig and Ostfriesland and the US Battleship Pennsylvania (sister ship to the Arizona).  I've got some light cruisers and destroyer yet to complete from the stash I got at Historicon.  Yes, all of the models are at the right scale and while only a Battle Cruiser the Derflinger was longer than most battleships of the age.

Here's a close up of the newest ships to the fleet.  Combined with the Royal Oak (off camera) I've got enough to have a small game, which I'll try tonight.  Following the lead of my fellow blogger, Paint Pig, I did order some more ships from GHQ to further flesh out the British and German fleets.  Once I've completed the fleets it's on to Warlord Romans which were purchased from Architects of War.


paintpig said...


Apparently the Washington treaty has gone out the window and escalating tensions in the Caucuses has fuelled a ship building programme without parallel!

Lovely work jmile, GHQ are really rewarding models to put together.

On matters nautical, how did your log canoe races go? Get wet, tipsy or both

jmilesr said...

I am a bit surprised how much I have been smitten by the GHQ 1/2400 ships - they really are a blast to build and paint.

As for the log canoe races, the proper order of events is
- drink berr
- get tipsy
- begin to tip-too-much
- get wet
- repeat

We came in 6th out of the 11 boats racing. Tomorrow is a big regatta and there will be 16 of the remaining 20 log canoes participating. I spent most of today re-rigging the main sheet to make sure it works better.

Sailing and miniature gaming are too very dangerous hobbies to have!

Take care

botwt said...

Beautiful pieces you have there, very nicely done!

El Grego said...

Very nice ships!