Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 More WW1 Ships Assembled and Primed

A little more work has been completed on my current WW1 Naval project - four more ships have been assembled and primed.  The ships are, from left to right: USS Pennsylvania, and from the German Fleet the BB's Koing, Ostfriesland and the Derfflinger.  I have them posed next to the British ships I completed the other day.  I have become very impressed with the quality of the GHQ Micronaughts - minimal flashing and each ship kit comes with extra detail parts.  I don't know about you but I tend to drop stuff and 1/2400 scale cranes can be hard to find.  Having one or two spares in each kit is a very helpful feature.

The color scheme for the German fleet will feature a darker grey's and tans.  I haven't decided how to paint the US ship.  The USS PA will likely see several paint schemes before I settle down on one.  I'm hoping to have fleets of 10-12 capital ships for both the Germans and British when I'm done and a smaller sized (5-6) for the US.  All fleets will have a handful of Destroyer/Torpedo Squadrons to spice things up.

On the rules side I've settled on a very simple set of rules (4 pages!) from a member of the NOVAG group.  I'm also studying the Naval Thunder ruleset  (downloaded from the Wargame Vault) for more involved games.

My next project (which will start in mid August) will be a 28mm Imperial Roman Army (Warlord Games figures that were purchased for Architects of War. The pricing was great and Ernie has a complete selection of the warlord figures in stock (plastic and metals).  I'll also be doing so test builds of his terrain pieces - I really like the 28mm machine gun nest!

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Galpy said...

the detail of those ships is amazing when they are finished and on the high seas they will look great