Sunday, July 18, 2010

GHQ WWI Battleships and Other Historicon Purchases

I finished the assembly and basic painting of my first GHQ 1/2400 scale WWI ship.  The model in question is the British Battleship Royal Oak.  As you can see in the picture the model is just three inches long but the casting has a wealth of detail from anchor chains and capstans to life boats.  The GHQ micro-naught line is very impressive.  The model was very easy to build and paint.  This one went from out of the blister to painted in about 90 minutes.  There are a few places that need a touch up but I'm happy with the results.  I used a thinned down version of the GW baddab black wash to highlight the details.  I'll finish this one up tomorrow night and get a few others started.

I also spent some time cleaning up and priming some 28mm Bolt Action German paratroopers (Warlord Games) that I also got at Historicon last week.  These are all metal and the quality is good.  I did struggle a bit with the 75mm anti-tank gun as there are no instructions in the blister.  I had to resort to using the assemble instructions from an old Battlefront 15mm anti-tank gun!  I'll likely put these aside as I finish up the GHQ ships but I wanted to get the basic work out of the way.

On the gaming front, I'll be organizing a 6mm ACW game using Black Powder for my club in the nest few weeks.  Hopefully they'll be enough interest to run a campaign during the fall.


DeanM said...

Wow - that is a lot of detail - especially on 1/2400 scale. I'll have to take a look at GHQ - hopefully some earlier stuff - I'd like to do some RJW stuff later. Dean

paintpig said...

that looks like a mighty fine squad of para's you have there Mr Geek. The detail show up nicely, even with the white undercoat they show the signs of being some very well sculpted figures.

GHQ make some wonderful ship models, have you been gaming ww1 naval long? They are quite the best at it, though langtons models are pretty close. Even for non gamer they make lovely displays pieces.


jmilesr said...

PP: I like the bolt action line, while some of the figs require a good deal of clean up prior to painting, once done they are lovely models. As for GHQ - I have built one of there 1/1200 sailing ships to go along with a handful of Langton's I have. The ship referenced above is my first foray into 1/2400 WWI but I'm very pleased with the quality of the casting.

Dean: GHQ has a nice line for WWI and later. The game I played in Historicon had RJW ships in 1/3000 scale - I'll follow up with the GM and see who makes the models.

paintpig said...

Hey Geek I was trying out your A of W link post previous, no go. I realised that it may be the same people as the green stuff n' brass. I remembered I had a link for them on the figvfig blog. Old mate makes some wonderful stuff it is very well done. any word on when the official web site will be up and running?

I was enquiring about the naval as I have an old friend who is quite knowlagable re boats n floats and things that go buuuuurp in the fog. He had a set of convoy rules published a year or two back. If I recall there was an article in one of the mags with a play test on HMS Belfast. I enjoyed the games we used to have at his, but I handled modern (harpoon) and ACW better. Go figure how similar are they!


jmilesr said...

PP: Greenstuff and Brass is the blog for Architects of War. The AofW website / store is scheduled to go live next week. Ernie has been working on the website non-stop since H-Con.

Let me know if you remember the name of the convoy rules - they might be worth a look