Saturday, July 24, 2010

Architects of War Store is Online

I just made my first online purchase from the Architects of War webstore!  They are going through a "soft open" to ensure the site functions well.  The site is very well done and worth a look.   Ernie and Barb are continuing to add to the inventory and hobby content but there's a lot to peruse right now.  I picked up some scenery kits, glue and the Warlord Imperial Roman Starter army (at a very nice price, by the way).

Based on the current status of my son's room, I feel inclined to start with the "Pig Sty" as my next scenery project!

Take a look at the site, I think you'll be very impressed.  I'll be fleshing out the Romans as the inventory listing gets expanded.


jmezz382 said...

Looks like a nice Roman army forming ...

jmilesr said...


i need to find some other armies in the area to battle against. I fear my son's Warhammer Chaos army may be too much to handle!

paintpig said...

Ooooer, what a lovely roman army, now where else have I seen one of those before? ;-)

A fellow philanthropist seeking forfillment vai retail therapy what a spiffingly refreshing thing to read.