Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paratroops & Produce

I made some progress on my 28mm US Paratroopers (from Warlord's Bolt Action Line) and have completed the basic painting of the first 2, 10 man squads.  I have some details to clean up and then seal the figures.  As you can see, I also made a little progress on the Hetzer. I'll be picking up some opposition for these guys at Historicon, which I will be heading out to in a few hours.
Here's the 1st squad, 8 M1's, 1 M1 Carbine and a Thompson.  These figures are just about complete.

2nd Squad has a similar weapons loadout

The Hetzer has been block painted.  I usually find painting the rubber road wheels on tanks a bit of a pain (I just don't do it for 15mm) but found the raised detail on this model made it very easy.  I'm going to build a frame for camo netting and make the netting removable so I can have one for an urban setting and one for the bocage.  I'll also be picking up some detail parts latter today at Historicon to add some character ala "pimp-my-Hetzer"

Outside of modeling and sailing my main interest is gardening (well it's my wife's interest and she tells me I like it too).  We pulled in out first major harvest: 2 Zucchinis, a green pepper, some jalepenos and 70 lbs of english cucumbers!  The plants to the rear of the pile-o-cukes are black beans

The bed in the foreground has two eggplants in the front and the rest are cukes.  I have realized that I have grossly over-planted the cukes and will have them coming out of our ears.  We had to fence the garden to try and limit the incursions from the local wildlife.

Of course, like the Maginot line, our defenses have not proven to be impervious to assault as this video with my son and wife point out:


paintpig said...

What species of pesky garden vermin is that mr geek? I currently have possum (brushtail) who will not give up on trying to probing the lines (the roof) right above the computer, aaargh!

He was also heavily suspected of being the chief perpetrator of a tomato infiltration ring earlier this year, perhaps we can do a prisoner rodent swap.

pigment porcine

jmilesr said...

Mr Porcine

I believe the intruder caught on video is a common ground hog. We are also assaulted on a daily basis by rabbits and rafts of insects. Occasionally, even Albert shows up too. Albert is a Beaver who lives in the marsh next to the house. My son named him when he was five years ago when he was 10. We think of Albert as family.

One thing we did do that has helped is moved the composting bin outside of the garden as it seems to be the main attractant to the local beasties. While carry the refuse an extra few feet isn't that convenient, it has reduced pilferage significantly.

DeanM said...

Nice progress on the Bolt Action paras. I must say your garden & back yard look wonderful. I think it's actually a good sign when them lil' critters are around. It's when there aren't wildlife around that gets me worried. I know you're enjoying your time at Historicon right now. Regards, Dean

Anonymous said...

An excellent harvest...I overdid the garlic this year and have been giving it away since last month!

Figures looking good too!