Sunday, January 16, 2011

6mm ACW 2 Completed Divisions & a New Book

 The picture to the left shows the latest additions to my 6mm ACW collection - A full Confederate Division on the right and a full Union division on the left.  These are Baccus figures and were purchased as Army packs.  I also completed 15 artillery limbers and have another 16 to complete.  I put the limbers way in the back so you can't see the "quick" paint job.  A single color for the horses, another for the limber and the a wash of GW Baddab Black to bring out the traces and details.  Not that good from 3 inches away but serviceable from 2 feet.  Lastly, you can see the defensive works I posted about earlier.

I did get a new book for Christmas - Col Nick Lipscombe's "Peninsular War Atlas".  What a beautiful book.  While a bit pricey, ($70.00) both the text and maps are very well done.  There's also a fantastic appendix with all sorts of detailed orders of battle and such.  Of course having this book means that my hobby will be returning to Napoleonics at some point in the near future.  I highly recommend this book if your interested in the period.

My next project will be some of the new "Uncivil War" 28mm figures from Architects of War that I got for Christmas.  They're very cool - but that's another post.


DeanM said...

Impressive looking army. I've not seen 6mm often (Roman Seas being one), but I do like the sheer quantity of the scale. Dean

Vinnie said...

That is impressive work. Love to see them a little closer.



jmilesr said...

I'll get some closer shots up when we have a game in the next few weeks


John de Terre Neuve said...

Hi Miles,

I must say that is quite impressive. How long did it take to paint and base that whole lot.


jmilesr said...

John - I would estimate that each base of infantry (28 figures) takes as long to paint as a singly mounted 28mm figure. This last set, I spent time on painting more details - the figs even have some facial hair. The painting of individual figures is less important than how they look as a unit. The two divisions (about 900 figures) took about 2 months to paint and base.

Basing is very simple - white glue and fine sand for texture and then a dark tone wash and 3 waves of dry brushing with successively lighter shades of tan. A bit of flocking and it's done.